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About Jane Buchan

I am an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) coach, writer, educator, circle-dance facilitator, and activist employing experiential, skills-based approaches to support positive personal, professional, community, and global changes.

I first began my work as a teacher two weeks before my nineteenth birthday and discovered in my inner-city, grade-one classroom that injustice in the form of poverty, ignorance, and rigid school routines would provide me with a lifetime of worthy causes.  In my twenties and the decades beyond, I continued to seek out new learning and teaching experiences to support my desire to - in Gandhi's words - "Be the Change" I wanted to see in the world.  During this time of continuous professional evolution, I worked at the craft of writing, and, at a transformational moment in my life, discovered a community form of circle dance that celebrates the interconnectedness of life on our beautiful Earth Home.  Becoming a member of this far-flung global dancing community continues to nourish my enthusiasm and commitment to be an Agent of Positive Change.

Retired from formal teaching, I continue to connect with others through coaching, writing, and workshop facilitation in order to continue the joyful work of "being the change."

The energy tools to my tool kit help to address the inevitable Burnout and Compassion Fatigue that can dampen the spirits of women and men engaged in effecting positive change in various resistant-to-change environments such as academic and medical institutions. Energy Tools taught by Donna Eden, Gary Craig, David Feinstein, Dawson Church, Betty Moore-Hafter, Nancy Forrester, and, more recently, Alina Frank, Craig Wiener, and Steve Wells have contributed to my intention to consistently set and realize personal goals and to support others in creating the lives they yearn to live. 

In my experience, the call to be the change offers remarkable opportunities to recognize that the world needs each of us to manifest kindness, balance, peace, and joy in our ordinary daily lives.  This is a tall order, but evidence is sprouting everywhere to convince us that our skills as community builders and conflict resolvers are, quite literally, changing the world for the better, one crisis at a time.   If you doubt this, look at the urban gardening movement in Detroit, across from my home town of Windsor, Ontario.  Against all odds, in a once-magnificent city that was driven to declare bankruptcy because of crippling financial debt, people are gathering to turn neighbourhood wastelands into community gardens that feed both body and soul as they build intercultural relationships that nurture peace. 

It must be said, however, that we are living through incredibly challenging times.  Feeling isolated by systemic unfairness can lead to despair.  The antidote to isolation and despair - a strong immune system supporting the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual goals we set - is as close as our fingertips and as nourishing as our individual and collective imaginations.      

Should you require personal coaching to set and achieve goals 

  • to improve health and wellbeing, mental clarity, and physical energy,
  • to address ongoing procrastination and negative self talk preventing success in academic, social, intimate, and/or professional environments, and
  • to identify the best way to meet your own needs while contributing to the support of family and community . . .  

please email or call 802-533-9277 to discuss coaching options. 

Thank you for visiting  There is great power in knowing we are all called to the work of creating a more harmonious and loving world.  Thanks for doing all you do to keep the positive energies flowing.