Tools and Inspiration for Empowered Aging

Winter Blooms EFT

I always begin my sessions with clients by saying I am an educator, not a therapist; as an educator, I consider my EFT personal and professional practice as learning support. In fact, it is my long history of teaching diverse populations in special education, gifted, and English classrooms at the elementary and secondary levels along with my current teaching experiences in the Humanities and Communications departments of the Community College of Vermont that have inspired me to certify as an EFT practitioner.  

Because so many of my students – regardless of how bright and determined they are to succeed – experience learning setbacks related to what I call anti-learning events, they often don’t achieve the academic success that would accurately reflect their skill and knowledge levels. EFT is superb at removing the roadblocks of defeatism, test anxiety, procrastination, confusion regarding goals, learned helplessness, performance anxiety, overwhelm, negative self talk (perhaps the biggest killer of dreams and aspirations), and limiting beliefs around any and all learning abilities and situations. Offering students an EFT primer helps learners work through issues to achieve their goals and restore a sense of excitement regarding their learning journeys.  

These same techniques are equally valuable to students of the aging process. What is life, after all, but an amazing school without walls? We are always learning, and we are always required to learn – about ourselves, others, and our magnificent planet. Learning with joy and optimism rather than fear and discouragement is something we all long for.  

For clients who prefer the one-to-one contact of a learning session, I offer telephone and Skype packages that are nurturing, juicy, and private.

For clients who prefer the synergy and exhilaration of group learning, I offer day long and weekend workshops when enrolment numbers are met. For more information, please explore Winter Blooms workshop descriptions.  If you have questions about how any of these might be adapted to your particular needs, or if you want to set up a private coaching package, please  email Jane at or call 802-533-9277.