Tools and Inspiration for Empowered Aging

Choosing an EFT Teacher or Guide

Because growing older is a natural part of the human condition, it is not something we need heavy-duty therapy to address. One caveat here: Please be sure to keep in mind your specific issues as you read on. If you are suffering from severe depression or any other serious mental-health issue, I encourage you to find a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, someone whose professional credentials speak to his or her ability to help clients meet serious, even life threatening emotional challenges.  

Most of us dealing with aging issues do not require serious intervention. Rather, we need inspiration – a cognitive booster shot – to help us to look at life more creatively when we hit aging speed bumps and detours. This inspiration can be supplied by someone who is walking similar terrain, has trained in the delivery methods and is credentialed, and has developed a personal practice of daily EFT meditation or prayerfulness along the way.  A few helpful tips to think about when seeking your EFT Guide include the following:

  • EFT practitioners develop different skills and approaches so be sure to choose someone who resonates with your personal values; 
  • Decide whether you prefer book, internet, or face-to-face learning situations;
  • On the web, look for sites, information, and practitioners that resonate with your dominant learning style - logical, kinesthetic, visual, aural or some combination of these;
  • Take some time to assess your optimum learning experiences in order to determine your best-case learning situations - individual, small group, or large group;
  • Consider your needs as an introverted or extroverted learner as well as a visual, logical, aural, or kinesthetic learner - introverts need time to process alone while extroverts like to process with others; and,
  • Think about previous learning situations to determine whether you like to be empowered to find your own way or want guidance all the way through your learning process.

EFT’s versatility ensures that there is someone out there who is offering exactly what you need. As well as looking for a practitioner who resonates with your specific learning needs, be sure you resonate with your chosen guide’s energy and approach to aging challenges. One of the great skills we develop as we grow older is a highly refined intuitive approach to new possibilities. Trust your intuition. If, like me, you’ve allowed this marvelous inner-guidance system to languish under the tyranny of left-brained preoccupations for periods in your life, know that you can woo it back into full operating speed with attention, persistence, and EFT.  If you resonate with my approach to EFT, please call (802)533-9277 or email to discuss your EFT coaching possibilities.