Tools and Inspiration for Empowered Aging

Winter Blooms Educators' Workshops

These workshops are created for specific faculty populations and include: 

  • How to address Compassion Fatigue (aka Burnout);
  • How to address specific classroom management challenges;
  • How to balance teaching commitments with personal needs;
  • How to work through the negative effects of institutional rigidity; and,
  • How to inspire your students and your colleagues to “Be the Change” we all want to see. 

Because I’ve attended more Professional Development days than I’d ever care to remember, I know how frustrating it can be to attend an all-day, compulsory event that makes participants tired and confused rather than inspired and energized. A Winter Blooms’ Educators’ Workshop leaves participants feeling more capable of setting boundaries, building teams, and discerning which issues to tackle and when – in short, more competent and inspired.

To bring a Winter Blooms Educators’ Workshop to your school, or to arrange for private educational consultation sessions to increase work satisfaction and classroom effectiveness, please email Jane at or call 802-533-9277.