Tools and Inspiration for Empowered Aging

Winter Blooms Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Workshops

Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul workshops combine three modalities to deepen participants’ sense of congruence, purpose, and inner peace: 

  • Journal writing invites participants to articulate those stories held by our viscera, our muscles, our bones, and our cells;
  • Circle dancing, one of the most ancient forms of non-verbal human expression, invites participants to embody through movement the spiritual connections we feel to self, other, and the larger world; and,
  • EFT releases any fear, negative self talk, resentment, and/or anger that may be constricting our abilities to be fully present in our lives. 

 I have been nourishing my personal container through journaling for more than thirty years and through circle dancing for more than twenty. When I first developed the Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Workshop I was at the beginning of my journey into EFT as a means of improving my daily quality of life. Now, several years of daily EFT practice later, I offer the unique combination of EFT, journaling, and dancing to create the sacred space to safely release old psychic and emotional injuries and current toxic messages as we reaffirm and strengthen our connections to the spiritual dimension of life. 

This workshop is available to existing groups of people who meet regularly, including: 

  • Intergenerational family groups;
  • Physical and emotional support groups;
  • Writing groups;
  • Spiritual exploration groups;
  • Book groups; and,
  • Eco-spirituality groups. 

 Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Workshops require a weekend format, with Friday evening providing a gentle introduction to all three practices and the multiple Saturday and Sunday sessions deepening our experiences of all three.

To arrange for a Writing the Body, Dancing the Soul Workshop for your group, or to meet with Jane to resolve creativity issues in private sessions, please email Jane at or call 802-533-9277.